A profit that cannot be seen is within the reach of every company

Although Polish furniture factories produce and sell more and more furniture, this does not translate into their profit. This is mainly due to inadequate management of the profitability of products, customers and processes. Krzysztof Frydziński, founder and president of FiM Consulting, talks about how to effectively and systematically manage an enterprise so that it brings profits.

Krzysztof Frydziński

Business consultant, expert in systemic profit management

He specializes in implementing complex consulting projects aimed at improving the economic efficiency of enterprises. Experienced manager with over 20 years of experience, holding key positions in company management boards. In his career, he has managed multi-stage change implementation projects in large and medium-sized enterprises. Expert and passionate about management accounting and reporting, controlling, strategic management, business planning and monitoring. He designs and builds complex models of calculations and simulations of profitability of products, clients, processes. Author of reference models of profitability account and indicator diagnostics methods for manufacturing, distribution, trade and service companies. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of management, cost accounting, process optimization in organizations and the use of modern information technologies in business. He actively supervises and implements systems of ongoing business monitoring as well as supports and motivates managers.