Post-pandemic business, or why is it important to know where our business is?

The loosening of restrictions and the slow (but steady) return to a slightly more standard reality is certainly a reason for businesses to breathe a sigh of relief. BUT it’s also a big challenge, because after all, the pandemic has injured most companies.

New business strategies, cost-cutting, emergency transfers of resources to where they were needed – anyone who runs a company knows what a dynamic and difficult business year we had behind us. Therefore, right now – at the threshold of a return to “normal” reality, every owner should know exactly what condition his company is in. Unfortunately, current “raw” data and financial results don’t tell the whole story about where we are and our prospects! So what do you need? In-depth analysis of processes, internal and external environment and comprehensive conclusions and recommendations that can be implemented immediately.

The field for such activities is provided by INDICATOR DIAGNOSTICS. It is a unique analytical business product whose methodology was developed by FiM Consulting experts together with scientists from the Warsaw School of Economics. On the basis of the financial liquidity analysis, process and profitability analysis and the analysis of the competition and the sector, FiM Consulting prepares a report containing the research results along with conclusions, recommendations and a barometer of the future, i.e. a business forecast based on the accumulated knowledge and experience of experts. Each entity, for which indicator diagnostics will be carried out, receives a set of about 100 financial and operational indicators assessing the economic and operational efficiency of the Company.

What the company gains from such an analytical process is knowledge of the detailed aspects of the company’s operations and clear indications on how to optimize the business to increase revenues and improve market quotations. Today, this knowledge is invaluable, because in the extremely difficult post-pandemic period it allows you to set up your business in such a way as to develop, maintain or increase your competitive advantage on the market. And this is what every company strives for.

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