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Your company is a system where everything affects everything. It’s like an organism that must be completely healthy in order to function well.

About us


"A leader is one who sees more than others see, who sees farther than others see, and who sees before others do."

L. Eims

FiM Consulting team consists of managers and business practitioners with over 20 years of experience in managing large manufacturing companies with international capital.

Our experience in finance, production, logistics and sales gives us the capital in the form of expert knowledge on the implementation and optimization of business processes – at every stage of the company’s operation.

Regardless of what you produce, which sector you work in, how many people you employ and what your business goals are – we will help you achieve them.

You can grow your business – operate more efficiently, more effectively and generate more profits.

In what way?


FiM Consulting experts work in interdisciplinary teams, conducting audits and detailed analyses of the current business situation of the Clients. This is the starting point for creating comprehensive business performance improvement programs based on the true capabilities and potential of employees.

Our activities include:
  • Audit, diagnosis of the current situation
  • Identifying areas for improvement
  • Systemic Profit Management
  • Identifying and defining the company’s strategic objectives
  • Translating objectives into selected areas of the company
  • Process optimization
  • Development of an action plan with an indication of deliverables at each stage of work
  • Support during implementation of proposed changes
  • Monitoring of effects, introduction of possible corrections

What makes us different?

  • Long-term experience of our advisors from working in international organisations at the highest management levels (director and board level).
  • Although we have learned good management practices from large, mature corporate organizations, we are currently focusing on Polish, non-corporate companies. We understand our home business, our competence and organizational shortcomings very well.
  • Translating identified strategic goals into measurable actions for Teams.
  • Setting goals and recommending specific solutions to integrate the work of several dependent departments or teams.
  • Effective entry into the Client’s business environment – we act as if it were our business. 

What is Systemic Profit Management?

FiM specializes in systemic profitability management, implements product and customer profitability calculations and conducts workshops where complex calculation models become simple within a few days and business decisions on pricing policy, sales strategy, optimal production settings become obvious.

  • Assessment of profitability of products, clients, sales channels, traders, pricing and discount policy
  • Calculation of full production cost (FPC) of products, including production overheads
  • Calculation of profitability threshold of products, determining the minimum production batch, so as to achieve the profitability of production at a given price
  • Dynamic profitability calculators for orders and offers
  • Cash flow forecasting

About us – in numbers:

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The numer of completed projects
Years of experience (on the market since 1993)

Benefits of cooperation

  • Individual approach to each Client
  • Many years of experience
  • Fast turnaround time
  • Reliability
  • The best corporate governance in Poland
  • Several years of experience in managing projects in large organizations
  • Holistic business planning and monitoring
  • Focusing on delivering economic benefits to the client
  • A team of very experienced managers, ex-presidents of Polish and foreign companies
  • Thousands of completed projects
  • Knowledge about the best, innovative practices in the field of business management
  • Hundreds of satisfied customers


Systemic management of the company’s future

The development of our clients’ businesses is our most important goal, therefore at FiM Consulting we attach great importance to the continuous improvement of our services and the strengthening and expansion of our know-how. Our competitive advantage is innovation, flexibility in the face of changing conditions of the Companies’ business environment and the ability to find market niches and possible areas in which we could offer our Clients substantive value.” 

Krzysztof Frydziński

Business consultant, expert in systemic profit management

He specializes in implementing complex consulting projects aimed at improving the economic efficiency of enterprises. Experienced manager with over 20 years of experience, holding key positions in company management boards. In his career, he has managed multi-stage change implementation projects in large and medium-sized enterprises. Expert and passionate about management accounting and reporting, controlling, strategic management, business planning and monitoring. He designs and builds complex models of calculations and simulations of profitability of products, clients, processes. Author of reference models of profitability account and indicator diagnostics methods for manufacturing, distribution, trade and service companies. He has extensive knowledge in the areas of management, cost accounting, process optimization in organizations and the use of modern information technologies in business. He actively supervises and implements systems of ongoing business monitoring as well as supports and motivates managers.

Expert in:

  • Product/client profitability accounting
  • Calculation of full production cost (FPC) and break-even point
  • Crisis control of the company based on cash flow

Piotr Skrzypczak

Expert in optimizing business management systems and sales strategies

Managing Director in renowned foreign companies (German, Danish), President of the Management Board of Polish joint stock companies, over twenty-eight years of experience in managing companies. He has worked for years as a business consultant in the field of business organization, management and trade. He specializes in planning sales area strategy and its implementation. As part of outsourcing, he managed sales teams in many companies, including Klimas Wkręt-met (over 100 traders in 5 segments), Ferax / Wola - Gatta / Wola brand, building from scratch the modern, traditional and export channels. He has implemented and executed sales strategies in more than a dozen companies, in some of them increasing sales by over 40% and significantly increasing the profitability of executed orders. His main area of competence focuses on building and implementing sales strategies, optimizing sales processes, creating sales standards, organizing and creating sales departments, managing customer relationships. He also conducts trainings referring to the current market realities. He embeds theoretical knowledge in authentic situations, and adapts its scope to the needs of the audience. During training he skillfully engages participants not only by speaking to them, but also by listening to their expectations, which is key to achieving the goals of the workshop program. He uses his knowledge gained in the management of international manufacturing companies, practically in assisting Polish companies in organizational, process and mental issues, sharing his experience.

Expert in:

  • Business effectiveness of sales
  • Sales audits
  • Sales strategies
  • Mapping of sales processes
  • Sales management
  • Sales coaching
  • Sales mentoring




We will help your company set the break-even point, help you to learn how to influence and manage it so that your business becomes profitable and starts to count on the market. The priority of the training is the activity of participants, and an important result of the workshop is the understanding of the importance of proper cost and profit calculations, appreciation of the resulting benefits, enthusiasm for further joint construction of the model and team awareness - that changes for the better are good and any time to introduce them is good time.



Indicator diagnostics is a unique analytical system, the methodology of which was developed in cooperation with the Warsaw School of Economics. It consists of a comprehensive analysis of the company, identification of activities, unused resources, measurement of effectiveness and recommendations that allow for optimization of processes within the company, improve the performance of specific departments, increase productivity while optimizing costs. A very important element of indicator diagnostics is the comparative analysis with direct competition (2 entities indicated by the Client) and with the entire industry. The individual report together with conclusions and recommendations is delivered to the Client and constitutes a starting point for the introduction of changes influencing the improvement of the company's functioning and thus - the improvement of the company's results.




Strategic business consulting in times of crisis is essential. Many companies, in times of, as it now turns out, "prosperity", have not developed a good system of effective and reliable business monitoring. Now, there is no time anymore to catch up on these things. However, without a cool assessment of the situation based on figures, it is impossible to make difficult crisis decisions, verify the effects and check whether they are sufficient to survive. We offer interactive business consulting workshops to define a specific, unique support process to develop and implement a strategy that will ensure your business success in financial, market, social and environmental terms.



We create scalable and tailor-made solutions enabling systemic management of enterprise profitability.
We specialize in systemic profitability management, which consists of introducing calculation models into the organization to facilitate business decisions regarding pricing policy, sales strategy or optimal production settings. We implement profitability accounts for products, clients, salesmen, products, sales channels and pricing and discount policies. Thanks to the use of simulation models, the potential profit growth from the current portfolio of products and clients is reliably estimated, making it possible to simulate what approach to apply to cooperation with large clients to achieve sustainable profit growth and how to shape the pricing and discount policy to stimulate profitable customer and employee behaviour.
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We conduct comprehensive audits - we check how the processes in the sales area work and show where changes should be made.

In FiM we show you how to increase the effectiveness of your operations and implement the best, proven and practical solutions to increase revenue and profitability levels of your business. The sales audit by FiM Consulting answers all your questions about effective sales strategy and sales policy. One of the key elements of the audit is to assess to what extent the company's strategic objectives are being achieved by the sales department because they are directly reflected in the results of the department's work.



Analysis and evaluation of the various stages of the sales process. Its purpose is to improve the performance of the organization.

The analysis is based, among other things, on interviews with employees responsible for particular activities in the company. Thanks to well mapped processes we verify and find the sources of errors made in the company, giving a starting point for changes and optimization. A sales process map streamlines and accelerates the building of sales strategies.



Effective methods to support employee development.

Coaching and mentoring, along with training, are key tools that can both temporarily and in long-term affect the effectiveness of salesmen, developing their competencies and managerial and sales potential - regardless of their previous experience and position.



Based on the audit results, we offer to prepare a long-term and effective sales strategy.

Comprehensive sales strategies prepared by FiM include the analysis of the potential customer profile, the way of reaching it, choosing the right product presentation, developing the communication strategy and tactics, defining the standards of conducting the sales process, the way of delivery and the price together with discounts supporting profitable customer behaviour, at which we will achieve the maximum demand-supply ratio. Thanks to many years of experience, FiM Consulting experts adjust the strategy to the expectations, resource capabilities and organizational culture of the company.



Comprehensive management and optimization of the work of the Sales Department in the organization.

A very broad area of FiM Consulting activities, including but not limited to: creating a structure and indicating sales trends, sales territory management strategies using current marketing instruments, sales and sales negotiation techniques, customer relationship management, but also buyer behaviour and market segmentation, sales location, assortment policy and brand creation, use of electronic technology, market communication strategy, pricing and discount policy.


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Zapytanie ofertowe nr 21/11/208

W związku z ubieganiem się przez firmę FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. o dofinansowanie projektu pt. “Przeprowadzenie audytu i opracowanie strategii wzorniczej dla FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o.” w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia, Działania 1.4. „Wzór na konkurencję” –etap I, I Osi priorytetowej: „Przedsiębiorcza Polska Wschodnia”, Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia 2014-2020 zapraszamy do składania ofert na przeprowadzenie audytu wzorniczego i opracowanie strategii wzorniczej dla FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. w zakresie przedmiotu działalności Zamawiającego.

Zapytanie ofertowe FiM Zalaczniki do Zapytania ofertowego FiM WYNIKI POSTĘPOWANIA WYBORU WYKONAWCY dot zapytania ofertowego nr 20/11/2018 Informacja o wyniku postępowania wybory przez Zamawiającego FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. najkorzystniejszej oferty w ramach Działania 1.4. „Wzór na konkurencję” –etap I, I Osi priorytetowej: „Przedsiębiorcza Polska Wschodnia”, Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia 2014-2020. Wyniki postępowania wyboru wykonawcy FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. informuje, że  zawarł umowę nr  POPW.01.04.00-06-0024/18-00 na realizację projektu pn. „Przeprowadzenie audytu i opracowanie strategii wzorniczej dla FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o.” w ramach Programu Operacyjnego Polska Wschodnia 2014-2020, oś Priorytetowa I: Przedsiębiorcza Polska Wschodnia, Działanie 1.4. Wzór na konkurencję, I Etap.  Opis projektu: Celem projektu jest wzmocnienie konkurencyjności firmy FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o., która należy do sektora MSP. Wzmocnienie konkurencyjności mogłoby się odbyć poprzez zwiększenie potencjału firmy w zakresie umiejętnego zarządzania wzornictwem oraz wzrostu wykorzystywania wzornictwa w swojej działalności. Dzięki takim działaniom będzie możliwe wdrożenie nowych produktów na rynek. Do tego celu niezbędne jest przeprowadzenie audytu wzorniczego przez zewnętrznego Wykonawcę, który na podstawie przeprowadzonych analiz opracuje strategię wzorniczą dla naszej firmy. Opracowana strategia wzornicza posłuży do podjęcia dalszych działań i wdrożenia zarekomendowanych zmian, tak aby FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. stała się bardziej konkurencyjna i innowacyjna. W efekcie realizacji projektu FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. oczekuje kompleksowego wsparcia w zakresie wykorzystania procesów wzorniczych obejmującego przeprowadzenie audytu wzorniczego oraz stworzenie strategii wzorniczej na podstawie której poprzez wykorzystanie procesu projektowania wzorniczego wdrożona zostanie innowacja, co przyczyni się do poprawy konkurencyjności na rynku i sytuacji finansowej firmy. Będzie to możliwe dzięki rozpoznaniu braków wzorniczych oraz wdrożeniu rekomendacji wynikających z opracowanej strategii. Wartość projektu: 68 000,00zł Dofinansowanie z Unii Europejskiej: 46 991,86zł   EFRR
FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. informuje, że  zawarł umowę nr  RPLU.01.03.00-06-0016/18-00 na realizację projektu pn. „Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowe FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o.” w ramach Regionalnego Programu Operacyjnego Województwa Lubelskiego na lata 2014-2020, Oś Priorytetowa: 1 BADANIA I INNOWACJE, Działanie: 1.3, współfinansowanego ze środków Europejskiego Funduszu Rozwoju Regionalnego. Opis projektu: Celem projektu jest rozwój działalności badawczo-rozwojowej FiM Consulting Sp. z o.o. poprzez powołanie w Lublinie nowego Centrum Badawczo-Rozwojowego. W ramach Centrum B+R Spółka będzie świadczyła usługi badawczo-rozwojowe na rzecz innych podmiotów (głównie przedsiębiorstw produkcyjnych) oraz będzie prowadzić prace nad nowymi produktami i usługami podnoszących konkurencyjność Spółki i regionu. Projekt będzie realizowany poprzez inwestycje w środki trwałe i WNiP oraz nabycie odpowiedniej wiedzy technicznej. Wydatki kwalifikowane projektu będą współfinansowane przez Unię Europejską w ramach EFRR. Uzasadnieniem dla realizacji interwencji jest potrzeba zwiększenia prorynkowej aktywności badawczej przedsiębiorstw. W ramach realizacji projektu powstanie system informatyczny do badania efektywności ekonomicznej przedsiębiorstw i ich procesów. System ten będzie stanowił narzędzie badawcze do prowadzenia prac badawczych nad zoptymalizowaniem zarządzania informacją w ramach inteligentnych sieci w przedsiębiorstwach. Będzie to narzędzie informatyczne działające w chmurze, które pozwoli planować i monitorować całe przedsiębiorstwo i procesy w nim zachodzące, w celu prowadzenia badań nad optymalizacją. W efekcie realizacji projektu powstanie nowe miejsce pracy na stanowisku badawczym, zostanie nawiązana współpraca z jednostką naukową i firmami z sektora MSP w obszarze działalności Centrum oraz wzrosną nakłady na działalność B+R. Czas realizacji projektu to 36 m-cy. Wartość projektu: 3 534 601,80zł Dofinansowanie z Unii Europejskiej: 2 008 272,00zł


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